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Getting Your Business Started
The entrepreneurial process can be broken down into a series of steps:
  1. Search for & identify possible opportunities.
  2. Evaluate opportunities & choose the opportunity that will work best with your personality & goals.
  3. In-depth research & test marketing. Many ideas look good on paper or in your head. Test marketing helps you figure out your ideas chances for real-life success.
  4. Launch the business.
  5. Grow & control the business. Remember, in the early stages, when you are still doing most or all of the work yourself, you are merely self-employed (which, to entrepreneurs-type people, is still preferable to working for somebody else). Once you have leveraged yourself & your own resources so that other people are doing the work for you, & you are making money while you sleep or while you sit tropical drinks on the beach somewhere, you are truly "in business" entrepreneurially. This is the goal -- getting there is the ADVENTURE.