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Entrepreneur Resources
for new and established businesses, people who want to start new businesses and all organizations that think entrepreneurially.

Super Entrepreneur provides the following categories of resources, & will add more in the future:

  1. Best Free Web Sites to research entrepreneurial opportunities, trademarks, copyrights & rules & regulations.

  2. Best Online Services -- compare options in Web hosting, Web design, Online Stores, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Payment Processing, etc.

  3. Compare best VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Services -- Save a lot of money & access powerful features such as on-line voicemail, online call forwarding configuration, simultaneous ringing of different numbers/lines, etc.

  4. I love EFax. Junk faxes no longer waste paper & ink -- I just delete them from my inbox. I can check faxes anywhere I have an Internet connection -- essential for the Mobile Entrepreneur. EFax even has a free option.

  5. Compare Best Mobile Phone Plans & Phones & PDAs -- multiple options available depending on your needs: monthly plans, pay-as-you-go, prepaid & coming soon, the IP Mobile protocol.

  6. Compare best Money Market Accounts -- for entrepreneurs to keep your liquid assets to be able to move quickly as opportunities arrive. Rates are almost as high as the best CDs, your earned interest rate moves up after the prime interest rate moves up (unlike certificates of deposit) & your money is not stuck for twelve months or more.

  7. Compare best Credit Cards for entrepreneurs to save money on your expenses with rebates & to control spending with employee cards & powerful, timely spending reports.

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